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Albino Gorilla NO POTION Adopt Me


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Please note these pets do NOT come with the accessories. sorry for any inconvenience 

The Albino Gorilla, a legendary pet featured in Adopt Me!, joined the game’s roster on March 16, 2023, as part of the Gorilla Fairground event. This prestigious creature is exclusively available through the Premium Gorilla Box, offering players a 10% chance to obtain it for 195 Robux. Since the conclusion of the event, acquiring the Albino Gorilla is now limited to opening any remaining Premium Gorilla Boxes or engaging in trading with other players. Upon unboxing an Albino Gorilla, players will also receive additional accessories including the Bow Tie, Top Hat, and Walking Cane, enhancing the pet’s visual appeal. While sharing the same model as the standard Gorilla, the Albino Gorilla distinguishes itself with its creamy, slightly-tinted white fur, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. As a highly sought-after and prestigious addition to any collection, the Albino Gorilla remains a coveted treasure within the virtual world of Adopt Me!.


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