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2021 Uplift Butterfly MEGA FLY FRIDE Adopt Me


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The 2021 Uplift Butterfly, a limited uncommon pet within Adopt Me!, was introduced on July 14, 2021, to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the game’s launch. Available for acquisition at a cost of 1500 Bucks, players could initially obtain it from a rock stand situated near the Playground and the Coffee Shop. However, its availability ceased on July 22, 2021, transitioning it into a trading-exclusive item. Adorning light pink wings adorned with intricate dark lines and delicate white circles along the outer edges, the butterfly boasts a dark gray body complemented by a light pink collar, beady black eyes, and gracefully arched antennae. A pink-gray pattern embellishes its posterior, while three pairs of legs provide balance to its medium-sized physique, which is predominantly occupied by its expansive wingspan. A charming addition to the virtual menagerie of Adopt Me!, the 2021 Uplift Butterfly remains a sought-after treasure among collectors.


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